Mastermind alliance

智囊团是由两个或两个以上的人,以和谐的态度和主动 积极的精神,为共同目标齐心努力的团体。

A mastermind alliance it built of two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common definite object.

智囊团原则使你得以把他人的经验、训练和知识所汇集 的力量,当作是自己的力量一样加以运用;如果你能有效地 应用智囊团,则无论你自己的教育程度或才智如何,几乎都 能克服所有的障碍。

The mastermind principle lets you appropriate and use the full strength of the experience,training,and knowledge of other people just as if they were your own.You can overcome almost any obstacle you face,no matter what your own education or talents,if you use the mastermind principle effectively.

没有人能够不需要任何帮助而成功。毕竞个人的力量有 限,所有伟大的人物,都必须靠着他人的帮助,才有扩展和 茁壮的可能。

No one has ever attained outstanding success in anything without applying the mastermind principle.No one mind is complete by itself.All truly great minds have been reinforced through contact with others that allowed them to grow and expand.

Forming a Mastermind Alliance

让我们先来看一下“火车列车员”的智囊团模式:列车长之所以能够使火车开往目的地的惟一原因,就是其他列车 员认同并且尊重列车长的职权。如果,列车长未能适时地告诉司机火车出发的时间,乘客们会下车寻求其他可到目的的 方法,如果司机不遵守交通规则,很可能会发生致命的车祸……

For a model of mastermind alliance at work,consider a train crew.The conductor(you) can take the train to its destination only because all the other members of the train crew recognize and respect his(your) authority.What would happen if the conductor failed to signal the engineer that it was time to start? Passengers would abandon the train and find some other way to get where they wanted to go.If the engineer didn&apost bother to heed the signals along the track,the resulting crash could cost lives.


For your mastermind alliance to function properly,you must give clear,unmistakable signals to your crew.They,in turn,need to be willing to cooperate fully with you.There are four simple steps to making sure this is the case.

Step One:Determine Your Purpose

使智囊团发挥功效的第一个步骤,就是设立一个明确的 目标(谁愿意搭乘目的地不明确的火车呢?)很显然的,如 果你连自己的明确目标都还没有确定,是不可能进行其他工作的。

The first step in putting together a mastermind alliance is to adopt a definite purpose for it to attain.(Who would board train without knowing where it went?) Obviously you cannot do this if you have not yet selected your own definite major purpose.You must be certain that the purpose of the alliance is either the same as yours or very closely aligned.


If you have already written out your own definite major purpose and the means you will use attain it,this step will be familiar for you.Writing out the plan for your alliance&aposs chain you must forge.Inevitably there will be links you have neither the skill nor the resources to join yourself,just as the conductor cannot simultaneously collect fares,work the dining car,and keep a hand on the throttle.This brings you to yours second step.

Step Two:Select the Members of Your Alliance

挑选能帮助你达到目标的人,是件必须小心谨慎的事,你可能最后会发现,你原先挑选的人并不合适。你也可能在 一段时间之后发现,有些意料之外的事情必须找人来做。在 这过程中,尝试和错误是不可避免的,但是,如果你能时时 把握住以下两项特质,就能更快挑选到适任的人才。

Choosing the people who will help you attain your goal must be done carefull.You may initially select some people who you later decide are not appropriate,and you may discover that there are unanticipated needs for knowledge that must be filled.Trial and error will be part of the process,but there are two qualities to keep foremost in your mind that will help you avoid too many surprises.

第一项特质是工作能力。切勿只因为你喜欢或认识某 人,就把他选择为团员,虽然这样的人,会改善你的生活品 质,但未必就适合智囊团;你最好的朋友,未必就是你所需 要的行销专业人才,但或许他可为你介绍专业人员。

The first is ability to do the job.Do not select people for your alliance merely because you like and know them.Such people are valuable to you because they improve the quality of your life,but they are not necessarily suited to a mastermind alliance.Your best friend may not be the most knowledgeable marketing professional in your area,but perhaps he ca introduce you to someone who is.

第二项特质就是和他人和谐共事的能力。不和谐的工作 气氛,将会抵消智囊团的效率。虽然,这种情形可能不会立 即发生,但却可能在输赢的关键时刻爆发出来。

The other quality is the ability to work in a spirit of harmony with others.Without harmony your alliance will falter,perhaps not right away but at some crucial moment when everything is about to be won or lost.

卡内基曾经告诉我,他找寻一位首席化学家的故事:经过全球探访后,他找到一位当时在一家德国公司任职的化学家,这位化学家的能力是无庸置疑的,于是卡内基便和他签 了5年的合约,但是不到一年卡内基就和他解约了。

Andrew Carnegie once told me of a worldwide search he conducted for his chief chemist.His scouts found brilliant man working for a German firm.His ability was without question.Carnegis entered into a five-year contract for the man;s sevices.Within a year he had released the man from the bargain.


Why? Because the chemist was so temperamental that he had an entire department in upheaval.None of the other cerned with perceived slights that he spent all his time fuming and accomplished nothing.

你必须排除智囊团中的任何不和谐现象,各成员应毫无 保留地汇整彼此的智慧,个人的野心(包括你自己的野心), 必须臣俯于执行以及达成智囊团共同目标之下。

You must keep any thoughts of discord out of your alliance. There must be a complete meeting of the minds,without any reservations on the part of any member.Personal ambitions must be subordinate to the fulfillment and successful achievement of the definite purpose of the alliance.This includes your own.


Being clear about you alliance&aposs purpose will give you a basis for judging someone&aposs ability to work in harmony with it.


You may still have to make adjustments in the alliance&aposs composition,but there are also steps you must tale to build that harmony.

Step Three:Determine Your Rewards


Clearly determined rewards for participation in your mastermind alliance are an important factor in its harmony.Determine at the outset what rewards you are offering in return for the work of others,and there will be little room for later recriminations.


There are ten basic motives toward action that can be the basis of these rewards:

5.对死后生命的渴望Desire for life after death
6.身心自由Freedom for mind and body
9.对认同和成就感的渴望Desire for recognition and self-expression

虽然财富对团员的吸引力最大,但也不能忽视其他动机 的重要性。对许多人而言,认同和成就感和金钱一样重要。但请务必注意,如果你依赖愤怒、仇恨和恐惧,则这些动机可能会扭曲你的团员的心灵。

Wealth will obviously have the greatest appeal for members of your commercial enterprise,but remember that other motives can play an important role.Recongnition and self-expression are just as important as money to many people.Be aware that some of these motives–anger,hate,fear–can twist the minds of your team if you rely upon them.

你应欣然、公平而且慷慨地在团员之间分配最具影响力 的激励因素——财富,你的表现愈慷慨,就愈能从团员那儿 得到愈多的帮助。你必须掌握的另一项成功原则,就是多付 出一点点的习惯(请参阅第5章),如果你能在一开始时便 将此一原则纳入智囊团,它必然会为你带来莫大的助益。

Your best motivator,wealth,must be willingly,fairly,and generously divided among your team.The more generous you are,the more help you will ge.Anoter of the principles of success is the habit of going the extra mill(see Chapter 5).It will serve you well if you incorporate it into your alliance form the beginning.

Step Four:Set a Time and Place for Meeting

订定明确的定期集会时间和地点,以确保团员能不断进 步,且借此机会解决智囊团所面临的问题。智囊团初期阶段 的会议内容,可能涉及借重各成员的专业技术,来精确规划 执行计划的议题。

Your alliance must be active do do any good.Establish a definite place and time for regular meetings to ensure that you are making progress and dealing with the issues you face.Your early meetings will likely involve fine-tuning the plan you have made for your success,drawing upon the specialized skills of your members.

随着智囊团的不断成熟和成员之间和谐气氛的增长,你 会发现,这些会议会使各成员的脑海中激荡出一连串的构 想。当团员共同工作一段时间之后,便会在会议中激荡出更 多的令人兴奋的事情,而各成员之间也会愈来愈和谐。

As your allaince matures and harmony grows among the member,you will find that these meetings create a flow of ideas into every member&aposs mind.As you work together over time,more excLogent will greet every meeting,and more harmony will arise

想像一下一组业务代表开会的情形,他们可能会对共同 目标做出决议,但是,如果能以一天或一个周末的时间,听 取并采纳他们对计划的意见,以加强他们的坚毅信念,就能 使他们免除情绪的压抑,并渴望达到目标。

Think about a group of sales reps brought together for a conference.They may arrive in general agreement about their goals,but a day or a weekend spent reinforcing their determination,listening to and incorporating their suggestions for the plan at hand,will send them away fired up and eager to achieve their goals.

切勿以定期会议取代成员之间的频繁接触,打电话、写 留言条或是在走道上的谈话,都可以使成员获得会议时所需 要的资讯,如此一来,便可在会议中迅速解决突发状况。

Do not let the regular meetings take the place of frequent contact between the members.Telephone calls,notes,and even conversations in a hallway will keep the alliance primed for action when it meets in full,so that sudden developments can be addressed quickly.




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